And the Winner of our First Contest is…

30 06 2010


He won the 150R$, Enjoy it! Here’s his Retextured bird!:

Well, Not to many people entered This contest :/

Not enough prize money? Well, Maybe the next Contest will have a 700R$ prize money…

Anyways, Junkfoodie out.

Roblox Cheats FIRST CONTEST!

28 06 2010

Allright, We’re going to have our FIRST CONTEST! The Contest Is:

Make a Creative Retexture of the Roblox Hat “O RLY?”

Fourmers and i will Judge the Retextures on Creativity. If you win, you will get 150 R$!

ORLY Bird’s Texture:

You have 3 Days to enter the Contest; Contest ends on Thursday, June 30th at 7:00 Pacific time.

Post your final Products on the Comments section Below.


Good luck, Junkfoodie out.

Okay Guys…

28 06 2010

I’ve decided to try Blogging again. Here’s whats going to Happen. Every Limited hat that comes out i will make a Post about and tell what the average price will be. I will also be more interactive. Meaning shirt contests, Win Robux and stuff like That. Hope you enjoy the New changes, Junkfoodie out.

Im Quitting this Site

11 05 2010

Unless someone wants it.

Sorry I’ve Been Gone.

4 04 2010

If you want to Join, you must Have a WordPress account. Comment on this post To apply.


Doing Some Updating…

4 02 2010

Should be done Later… Also, anyone Want to Join the Roblox Cheats Team? Make posts, ETC.


Advertize your Place Here!

23 01 2010

Well, Dont spam the Roblox Comments but Advertize your Place Here! On this Post, pl0x.


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